Things are hotting up.. there’s competition!

This truly has been a journey and I have met some fantastic people. Last week I was privileged to swim with Otto Thaning who next year will swim the EC again at 74 years old.. with his fabulous and renowned sidekick, Roger Finch (Rog you need to pull up your drinking socks!) and this week.. I was pitted against some great guys:

Sylle Estadiö of France, who is swimming the EC butterfly, jumping tomorrow morning, Saturday 21st September. Good luck Sylle!

Image 2

Justin Hanby of Australia.. a secret speed merchant, I am sure, who will be ‘wind assisted’ without any doubt! Due to swim on my tide, with The Famous World No1, top dog… Trent Grimsey  (Australia). Trent who swam The English Channel last year in 6hours 55minutes, claiming fastest crossing time ever is Justin’s ‘boat crew’!! I want to know what exactly my ‘boat crew’ are bringing to the party.. tee hee..

Justin in the ‘Green Budgies’, “Sucking it in..”,  Trent white cap centre, Tim Denyer (red top) EC veteran and fabulous professional coach to all, Sylle in the yellow cap, two lovely gentleman from San Francisco California, the Dolphin club… and some fat guy on the end??


Needless to say, I gave Trent quite a few tips.. he has taken them onboard and I believe that they have already yielded positive results….. His drinking ability has increased two-fold!

Eventually we get to swim..



And fast.. in my ‘dreams at least!!!!!’

Image 1