The Party is on !

It’s a ‘Gooooooooooooooooo’ !!
Tomorrow morning on the 24th September 2013, at 0215  I will be leaving Dover marina on ‘The Viking Princess’ fishing vessel Commanded by Reg Brickell to attempt my English Channel dream! I wanted you to be the first to know.
I cannot begin to tell how much your support and help has meant to me. It truly has moved me to achieve great things which have all added to the necessary building blocks of success for this swim. You can follow me using one of two methods:
I will have a ‘personal GPS Spot onboard the boat. This is a GPS satellite position transmitter which will be live for the day of the swim and show my current location updated every 20minutes. Don’t worry I will not be moving that fast! This link will be on my blog:
and the direct link to my GPS tracking page:
The other method is on the swim association website accessed from the link below. They are easy steps:
2. However over the ‘white triangles’ on the map with the curser and find the ‘Viking Princess’. Click on it.
3. Then within the info box that appears.. click on current track!
4. That will be me!
Must go and get ready for my dip……
My No1 Fans!!