Test Week !

Another fabulous trip to San Francisco.  This week was very important, as I have managed to swim 40km Monday to Friday. This was the first big training week since injury! It means that my shoulder is coping.

I arrived at the South End Rowing and Swimming Club upon my ‘trusted steed’, fully fed and rested. Having eaten a massive breakfast consisting of a ‘Star of Bucks’ porridge, protein shake, carbo shake and a coffee with… 8 hours jet-lag. I was feeling pretty good.


My first day of swimming consisted of a well constructed route from Aquatic Park to beyond Pier 39, where the Sea Lions lounge around in the sun. Yikes, not too close as Edison insisted that it was ‘mating season’!  Assisted by one, Edison Peinado marine life expert, who managed to prevent me from being locked up by the US Coast Guard, run down by super tankers, flattened by ‘The America’s Cup’ Oracle yacht… or worse at the ‘flippers’ of the frustrated Pier 39 inhabitants, I swam in the bay.


Was this a foreign conspiracy to sink Alcatraz Island?


The swim went well and I was able to stretch out once again with no real pain… well, that is.. apart from the usual pain encountered when taking a ‘dip’ for 3 hours in 16C. On the way back we stopped off to examine the ‘Liberty ship’, The Jeremiah O’brien.



With 4 weeks to go until my ‘Channel Window’ opens I will now maintain the progress made, rely upon the ‘base training’ period that has passed and move down to Dover after the 9th September. It’s really close now, I can smell the sea air!!!!!