Tense days of nail biting.. OMG.. I paid for that nail job!

From tonight, Sunday 22nd at midnight the ‘tidal window’ opens, running until midnight the 4th October. We chose this window of opportunity because the two tides that run daily in the Channel are at their relative weakest. Why? Because the earth, moon and sun are out of phase, the moon is 90 degrees out of sync. This produces less gravitational pull on large bodies of water.

Thus, within this window, I will swim on the first day that the weather conditions are swimmable. Nothing like holding your breath and waiting! Nervous now.

I called Reg the pilot, one hour ago (1730, 22nd September). He has put me on standby!! Confirmation will be given later tonight!!

We will see.. Yikes that’s possibly tomorrow! However… still enough time to try and run down the ‘Worlds No1 Open Water Swimmer’ and ‘fastest human’ across The Channel over! Tee..hee..