‘Special Needs Boat Crew’..

And finally the last two members of the boat crew……. “What have I done?”





And finally, adding a much needed International outlook (and good looks generally) to the ‘dream team’, Eddie Peinado, the celebrated Brazilian adventurer has taken time out from his attempt to circumnavigate the Great Lakes in an inflatable canoe to add his experience to the crew. Eddie, an accomplished budgie wrestler is uniquely qualified, having himself swum the channel 2 years ago in 12 hours and 29 minutes. He will therefore be the perfect ‘safety officer’ onboard, able to recognise when Gary is actually in need of something as opposed to just ‘girling about’ and also just how high the volume on the pa needs to be to ensure that Gary can hear just what a good time is being enjoyed on the party/safety boat…..




To complete the dream team support crew is “Hagar”, enrolled for his expertise in all things wet (T shirts, towels and nappies). More used to providing top cover from his aerial taxi, H will be providing a bird’s eye view on the crossing from the warmth of his sleeping bag and tightly gripped thermos. A born leader he has pushed, coaxed and motivated lesser mortals to the brink of their abilities even occasionally beyond them into A&E. Hagar is a natural explorer himself spending many of his weekends rummaging through the car boot sales of Dorset seeking that elusive reward. If there is one man who can singly handed help Gary achieve his goal of crossing the channel Hagar, will try and find him or her!

Ladies and Gentlemen the ‘Dream Team’.