“So you think that I’m fat?”


Uhmmm.. of late there have been a few comments … People have noticed that I have put on weight. This actually has been strategic and quite difficult to do given that I already eat enough food to feed two adult men each day!


The advice came from and was taken on board by a guru in the ‘cold water swimming world’. The ice maiden herself.. Fiona Southwell from Brighton Sea Swimming club. “Gary.. think like a woman.. and eat chocolate and ice cream late at night!”


So, I did.. well errr.. eat chocolate and ice cream late at night. Mrs Anne Jenkins will say “So what’s changed??” Don’t listen to her,


I needed to put on some weight to help try and insulate my vital organs within the body’s core and to provide some fat reserves. This weight is essential to aid my ability to fight against the prolonged cold during what could be up to 14-18 hours in the Channel.


Hey, why not I’m in!


Cross training is also vital to avoid injury and build general body resistance. However, as with many of these ‘time consuming pursuits’ there are barely enough hours in the day to do the swim training itself. So I cannot report that this side of my training has gone terribly well.


However, I have managed extremely competitive rides to school with my No1 fan club… and contributed massively to the ‘ice cream stall fundraiser’ after school.. mainly chocolate cones.. yum!