“So what’s the problem with cold water?”

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‘I am now entering the last stages of panic.. tee hee’. I need regular immersion in colder water and will be moving my efforts more towards Dover and Brighton for the remaining time before my crossing. The sea temperature in the Channel at present, if you click on the link on the right side of my blog, is 11.9C. I bet that you are not monitoring it as much as me!

A famous ‘Channel guru’, Freda Steeter who holds swim clinics every weekend, is ‘asking’ swimmers to do two swims of 3 and 1.5-2 hours at present. This is for acclimatisation. So what is the big deal? I thought that you may like the following article kindly forwarded by ‘H2Open’ magazine, which does a great job of explaining more.

H2O Cold water