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I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all those individuals and organisations that have sponsored and supported me in many ways along this ‘journey’. Without your continued help and comprehension, this challenge would have been made much more difficult.

Good.. now all I have to do is swim up to 30-40miles in 16C water in September 2013.


The challenge of swimming the English Channel is already one that requires enormous respect, planning and execution from an early stage. As a long-haul pilot on a fleet that mainly services beach destinations in the Caribbean some would say ‘lucky devil’ that sounds perfect. The reality is that I require ‘cold water’ destinations to give me any sort of chance in succeeding.

Thus San Francisco is the only place to be. A natural outdoor playground for aspiring ‘open water swimmers’ of all levels. To this end, fellow Virgin pilots, who have suffered my continual harassment to swap trips, thank you and thank you for helping me out when you can. And thank you to all those who have kayaked by my side or eaten my ‘scoobie snacks’ whilst waiting patiently for my return during the past few years.



My Number One Fans



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