I’m back !


Well haven’t you lot been lucky? No active blogging for a few weeks! Boy are times about to change. Apparently, I have another job which actually pays my salary, which demanded a little of my time.


But hey, I’m back and swimming ferociously. I have just had a great trip to San Francisco where my good friends, FastEddie Peinado, English Channel soloist 2010 and Pedro Ordenes, Straights of Magellan 1999 were on hand to ‘give me a good beasting’! That’s English terminology for ‘it was terribly hard’.


I began in the Cove at Aquatic park meeting and swimming a few laps whilst they sunned themselves and ate my rations on the dock.. this lasted for a South American nano second, 2 hours to you and me, when they decided that it would be more fun to be on paddle board and in kayak where their barracking would be more effective.


After being led inside and outside the breakwater to battle with the current of the flood tide, which is great raining but very tiring they finally decided to jump in and join me for the last hour of my 4 hour swim.


The weather was fabulous and I was tired.