First Lake Swim of the Season!

Verberie1 Verberie2 Verberie3 Verberie4 Verberie5 Verberie6 Verberie7Dear Friends and supporters, what a fabulous start to my charity fundraising. Thank you so very much. On the donation front, you might notice that I have added buttons by country. This should help facilitate tax relief for my family and friends, near and far.

Il y a même quelques pages en français!

This week has seen the first of many more regular cold water swims. On Saturday, I chalked up one more Alcatraz Crossing, then a 9km pool session in the afternoon, a large pasta meal followed swiftly by bed!

On Sunday, a change in venue, to Crissy Field, San Francisco and a beach swim for 45minutes. The water temperature was unseasonably warm at 11/12C.

The key now is to remain cold if possible until September.

To this end, today supported by my No.1 ‘Biggest fan’, Madeleine, I had my first lake swim in Verberie, France. It was a grey morning with an ambient air temperature of 10C. The lake, however, was a refreshing 7/8C. Burrrrrr..

I swam for 10 minutes merely to test procedures and Madeleine’s nerves! Yeah right….! Bless, she had undergone a crash course in Emergency drills and safety! Enjoy the pictures.