‘Cream Teas in Devon’


I must report a fantastic fundraising event held on my behalf in Tiverton, Devon. At the same time I must also reprimand that individual for giving away top secret recipes! It really is shocking that the moment my back was turned having left home just recently…. 34 years ago…. my Mother Brenda, decided that it was okay to give away ‘scone and various fabulous cake recipes’ in the name of fundraising for my swim??


Luckily, I can reassure you that there was absolutely no Christmas cake involved. That would have led to severe sanctions!


A big, big thank you to my Mum and Dad, Brenda and Graham, for hosting the ‘Tiverton Cream Tea Fundraiser’ and of course, to their friends for their most generous support, encouragement and kind donations for ‘Free The Children’ in connection with my swim.


“Is it too early to order my Christmas Cake Mum?”