Catalina Channel

I am most privileged to know two very brave ladies. Robin you met in the last post. Brave lady number two a sufferer of ‘lupus’ has battled magnificently to train incredibly hard during the previous year. Her name Carolyn. She has trained for an English Channel solo and been skins almost ‘year round’ despite her flare ups from her condition and battled on each time. Her relentless determination and smiling face an inspiration.

During this journey Carolyn completed a fabulous relay of the Catalina Channel during the summer. She and her team ‘The Wave Chasers’ had a fabulous crossing whilst battling some serious swell conditions.


The training has not been easy, with many afternoon naps slumped over the computer keyboard at work… or was that.. riding Elephants in Thailand Carolyn? The team managed to prepare in all weathers which is just as well, as the Catalina crossing proved interesting to say the least.

Carolyn with her team of beach friends.



Setting off in the dead of night, she swam the first leg. An eery sensation as we all know, but speedily executed by Carolyn. Then after rough seas and a very long night, breaking in to the day.. the team arrived on the Southern Californian shores near to LA.


Well done Carolyn and the ‘The Wave Chasers’!